Forty-five years ago, Louis Nemes, a former chemist with Canada Packers (now Maple Leaf Foods), became the founder of Toronto’s renowned chicken wing eateries, the Chick’n’Deli, Bistro on Avenue, and St. Louis Bar and Grill (2050 Yonge St.) He quickly wowed the locals with his signature wings. 
Ask Louis about the popularity of his secret Bistro wing recipe and he is bound to tell you “the secret is in the spice,” which makes the Bistro wings the best in the city. Most people would agree, based on the fact that since 1977, Louis has sold millions of his famous chicken wings, consistently winning People’s Choice Awards for a superbly meaty, perfectly crisp and intensely flavored chicken wings.
The Bistro menu also provides classic comfort and specialty foods such as pulled pork sandwiches, meaty ribs, burgers and salads. The success of Louis’s restaurants has also been a success for local charities. Hosting the annual Louis Nemes Golf Tournament, Louis has raised thousands of dollars for local charities.

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